Thursday, August 01, 2013

Well Now...

Wellness Wednesdays!!!

Love this concept that I was tagged on by one of my team members that is on the 90Day Challenge with me...Stacy Howze!

What one good thing did I do on this day to continue on my Journey to Wellness?

I stuck to my two shakes, drank plenty of water (need to measure my intake) and I did core exercises at home on my living room floor!
I had very good intentions on waking up early this morning to participate in my first spin class but my body was on some lazy sh*t and I let my mind follow...does having cramps make for a good excuse?  That is mine, so I am sticking to it!
I find that working out is going to be a hard task for me...not the working out part but finding the time as all I did today was rip and run the streets once I was up.
Allegra spent 4 hours at the beauty shop, getting her hair braided and Alexandre' had football practice.  By the time we made it home it was almost 10pm and a glass of something with a '% of alcohol content' was calling my name!
Tomorrow is another day to get it right!
I have to start budgeting my time better, time for family, household chores, working out, running errands, and last but not least....ME!!!
Again...I say, tomorrow is another day to get it right!

Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Doing it again...RE-EVERYTHING

That is the beauty of life...
You have another chance to make things happen!
So I am going to try again, to revamp my Blog and this time...I plan NOT to fail!
One thing that I am doing, which I am extremely proud of is the 90Day Challenge.
A health and fitness platform that has been such a catalyst in me becoming better for myself and my family in more ways than one.
On July 29th, I pressed the 'RE' button so that I may document more of my 'Journey to Wellness' to be held accountable and also maybe inspire someone.
Below is the first entry I made into The Challenge's Tracker.
I am excited about the endless possibilities that I have on my day at a time.

Hugs & Kisses

Focusing Forward...
Reflecting on today and feeling positive as I decided to press the reset, redo and restart button on my 90 Day Challenge!
I can proudly say that I am 48lbs down total (with much more to go), down 3 full dress sizes, off of one Blood Pressure medication (with one more to go). I have more energy than ever, my confidence has caused me to finally get a gym membership so I can swim, take classes, and I would like to eventually lift weights!
I have taken a lot of time, thinking about what I would like to accomplish within these next 90 Days.
I am dedicating these 90 days to my Angel Mom. I was scheduled to participate in my first 5K June 24th, but did not because she suffered from a stroke the night before...I will participate in my first 5K within these 90 Days!
I plan on dropping at least, a minimum of 15lbs, so I can move away from the "Plus Size" department!
I plan on continuing to get into the best shape of my life, at the age of 44, so I can be able to engage in more activities with my 9 year old boy/girl twins...they motivate me to want more and to do more.
I am worthy of this, and so much more...spreading my wings, so I can soar!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Needing 2B...

Where do I begin?
From the begining or the end?
This was suppose to be my creative outlet...a place for me to share myself as I Inspire 2B all that I can in all areas of my life. 
I let the evil of someone take that away from me, have me live in fear and that is not a good feeling.
So with this post, I am starting where I need to B...Right.Here!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Is all that can be said.

Can not believe that it has been more than a year since I have published a post on my blog...

Various reasons why I neglected this blog...personal mostly, but I realize that I need this blog to relax, relate, and release.

I can not let others dictate my life...I love my life, both the good and the bad and this blog has allowed me to document all that my life entails...It is a great resource for me to recall the moments in our lives, share with family and friends as well as become a creative outlet for me whether it be with my scrapbooking, photography, or writing.

There are some posts that I have written, but have not published and I really plan on doing so.

So of course, so much has transpired since the last time I published a post.

Mostly...good things. The Coleman Crew has their health, Rick is still working along with getting back into his music, Alexandre' and Allegra are in 1st grade at an awesome school (A.N.Pritzker in Wicker Park) and I am "Inspiring 2 Be..."

I really do hope to revamp my blog...not sure of the direction I want to go with it, will it be crafty, will it be all family related, will it be all about me or a combination of all the above plus more.
What ever I decide to do with it...It has 2 Be...Inspiring that is!

Hugs & Kisses

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday...

and I had to work which was a bummer. Christina and I was not that busy not only did it make the day go by super slow but we both did not want to do to much of anything around the store.

Of course, like always, towards the end of the day...people decided that they wanted to come in and shop...I really do dislike when that know a store closes at a certain time and you come in just 5 minutes before they close and want to piddle around and ask the employees do not want to go home to their families...especially on a day like today.

Once we closed though, Christina let me leave right away, as I still had to rush to the grocery store to get the rest of my dinner items....the request for the night....Mexican, which is so easy, economical and quick to do.

I got home and only missed a few of the commericals. Rick filled me in while I immediately got dinner done. We had nachos and tacos and even topped it off with some ice cream for dessert. Rick and I watched the entire game...which was a great game down to the wire. We were both pulling for the Pittsburg Steelers because of the African American coach, but we also wanted the Cardinals to win because it would be their first and Kurt Warner is cool.

With Pittsburg winning, we kept kidding saying it was the year for the African American male, with us having a African American president and African American coach winning the Super out now!!!

Not staying up too late as I am working kinda heavy this week

Hugs & Kisses


Oh...since I did not take a photo today, my POTD will be a photo of Rick and the twins from when the Bears went to the Super Bowl and we went to his mother's for her party...needless to say they lost, but we had a great time and we looked good...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Janurary 31st, 2009

Is here and I am so proud and happy to announce that I was able to take a photo a day for 31 days and post on my blog for 31 days...this is so huge for me as I am so guilty of taking on a project and not completing it.


Today was hectic as we woke up early, took Rick to work, came home to go back to sleep, work up again and went to Alex's basketball (was 15 minutes late) and then...we had to go to Windy City Scrapbooking so I could teach a Basics class. Now normally, I do not work on Saturdays as the twins have activities on this day, but Jen needed Saturday off, last minute and I was kind enough to help her out. The twins are used to being at the store and they can last if I have movies for them to look at or at least something constructive for them to do. They brought crayons and their trouble game and I made sure to tell them that I was teaching, so they got a kick out of that.

I was suppose to have 3 students in class but ended up having 2. I kept apologizing for having my kids with me and they did not seem to mind at all...matter of fact, in the surveys that we have our students fill out, one of them made the comment on how well behaved my children were...that made me very proud.

Once we picked Rick up from work...we grabbed pizza for dinner and came home for a relaxing evening Allegra calls it "Family night"

My on a Family night...Christmas 2008 at Grandpa Rufus House...I must this photo, Allegra looks just like Rick and Alexandre' looks just like me...genes are a trip.

Off to finish up Family Nite as Rick and I will be watching a movie tonight...

Hugs & Kisses

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday...

the kids were out of school today so we had a relaxing day after waking up this morning. I did not have to go to work today, but I still had errands to run. I wish that I didn't have errands so we did not have to wake up this morning to take Rick to work, but such is life. My main errand was going to the grocery store, which I need to decrease my trips and start buying more in bulk and using our deep freezer more. I also need to start clipping coupons and really paying attention to the sales flyers so that I can save us more money when grocery shopping...I can remember from my days in college down at Bradley when I would clip coupons and get geeked about getting my coupons doubled at Kroger's and I was not even a housewife...I have to do better with that.

For the first a long time, I decided to cook on a Friday night as we are trying keep our budget and not dine out too much. I was so into it...I even baked a cake. It was one of those confetti cakes with the sprinkles in the cake and the frosting had sprinkles too. Rick and the twins had fun licking the batter. I even caught Allegra digging in with all ten fingers and the palms of her hands.

After dinner, Rick relaxed while the kids and I played Trouble, which happened to be one of my favorite board games as a child. I am so glad that we got them this game for Christmas. We only played one round as Alex won, even though he cheated a little, Allegra came in second and I...last.

Off to bed early tonight as we have a busy Saturday...
Hugs & Kisses